Our Team

Our team is a mix between permanent staff and shorter-term volunteers. Our core staff are two full-time Greek asylum lawyers (one as legal coordinator), a legally-trained coordinator, Arabic and Farsi interpreters and a finance manager. In addition, our team includes up to six volunteer European asylum lawyers and two volunteer legal assistants. Each volunteer asylum lawyer stays for a minimum of three weeks and our volunteer legal assistants usually stay for a minimum of three months.

All of our volunteer lawyers are practising and experienced European asylum lawyers who are members of a European Bar Association or Law Society and have been identified through a rigorous application and selection process.

In total, our volunteers have contributed over 37,000 hours of voluntary work.

We have welcomed volunteer lawyers from Greece, France, Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Poland and the United Kingdom. Each volunteer lawyer stays for a minimum of 3 weeks.

All our lawyers work on a pro bono basis and collaborate closely with their colleagues from the Greek Bar Associations. Where any litigation is required before a court or tribunal in Greece, contact is made with a Greek Bar or a member of the Greek bars.

All photos: Cord Brügmann/ELIL