European Lawyers in Lesvos in Spain with Oxfam Intermón:   11 - 17 June 2018

© Jorge París

© Jorge París

Last month, Chrysoula Archontaki, our Legal Coordinator, was in Spain at the invitation of Oxfam Intermón, one of our key supporters.

Chrysoula is an asylum lawyer who is a member of both the Greek and Spanish Bar Associations. She gave 13 interviews (radio, television and newspaper) and met with NGOs such as Women’s Link Worldwide and MPs from Spain’s Socialist Workers and Citizens parties. She also met with José María Vera, Director General of Oxfam Intermón, and Victoria Ortega, the President of the Spanish Bar Association.

The aim of these meetings was to increase awareness of the current situation on Lesvos and to remind key stakeholders that it is not just a Greek issue, but one that all of Europe has responsibility for. As she explained, “The solution for refugees comes through European solidarity”.

To watch a short video in which Chrysoula explains the key issues facing asylum seekers on Lesvos, please see here:

Chrysoula also gave a presentation and question and answer session with Oxfam Intermón’s supporters – a recording of the live event can be viewed here:

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