1. How can I apply to volunteer for ELIL?

If you wish to become a volunteer (lawyer or legal assistant) with ELIL, please send us a completed application form. See the volunteer page for more information: here.

2. How long should I stay? How long can I stay?

European Lawyers in Lesvos expects every volunteer to stay a minimum of three weeks. We are delighted to welcome volunteers who would like to stay for a longer period.

3. What does European Lawyers in Lesvos expect from me besides giving legal advice?

For the project to run smoothly, it is important to communicate with everyone involved in ELILCommunication is key, as is collaboration. Remember, everyone working for the authorities, for other NGOs, or independent volunteers have the same goal: to help those who arrive in Lesvos and apply for international protection. Therefore, you should share our values that drive our work: unhindered access to legal assistance, equality, quality and independence (for more see here).

It is also very important to have a good and thorough hand-over when you arrive and when you leave.

4. Will European Lawyers in Lesvos organise my trip to Lesvos?

You will book your travel yourself. ELIL will reimburse the cost of volunteer lawyers' travel. However, we ask you to find the best-value travel options. The project will reimburse volunteer lawyers’ travel up to €400/return.

5. Will I pay my own expenses in Lesvos?

European Lawyers in Lesvos will provide volunteer lawyers with a daily allowance of €10/per day, which should cover food, fuel, etc, if needed.

6. Will I be provided with accommodation?

Yes, the European Lawyers in Lesvos has rented accommodation for volunteers.

7. Where will I work?

The main administrative office is located in Mytilene; however, volunteer lawyers will spend at least four hours a day providing legal assistance in the European Lawyers in Lesvos container in the Moria Reception and Identification Center.

8. Where is the office of European Lawyers in Lesvos situated?

The European Lawyers in Lesvos office is located at Mytilene harbor. Please contact info@elil.eu for directions.

9. How do I move around when in Lesvos?

Rental cars for the volunteers are provided. There are also buses to travel around the island and to go to Moria. In case no car is available, expenses for travel to and from Moria will be refunded.

10. Will I be insured for cases of malpractice?

European Lawyers in Lesvos has taken out an insurance policy to cover certain cases of professional negligence.

11. What vaccinations should I get?

Please ensure you are up to date with generally advised vaccinations, including:

  • diphtheria-tetanus-vaccination

  • polio vaccine

  • pertussis vaccination

  • measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine

  • varicella (chickenpox) vaccine

  • tuberculosis vaccine

12. Where do I get comprehensive information directed at anyone who wants to volunteer in Lesvos?

The website www.lesvol.info provides future volunteers and volunteers with regularly updated information. The Lesvos Volunteer Starter Kit is invaluable for anyone planning their trip. Definitely look at Information for Volunteers on Lesvos which contains many links to other websites, documents and general Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

When preparing for the trip, it is interesting to have a look at the development of the refugee situation in the Mediterranean. UNHCR has created a useful website with interesting statistics and material.

13. Can I donate money to support the organisation?

If you would like to donate to support our work, please see the donation page.

14. What will my donation be used for?

We need additional financial support to ensure our work can continue and as many asylum seekers as possible can receive free legal assistance. As our organisation is volunteer-based, our operational costs are low. A donation of €25 enables our team of European asylum lawyers to provide legal assistance to one asylum seeker.

All photos: Cord Brügmann/ELIL