We are a registered charity in Germany. This means your donation is tax deductible in Germany. If you are not a German tax payer, your donation may be tax deductible, depending on the tax rules that apply in the country where you pay tax.

Beneficiary                      European Lawyers in Lesvos gGmbH

Address                            Littenstraße 11, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Bank                                Deutsche Bank Germany, 10585 Berlin, Otto-Suhr-Allee 6-16

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Payment Reference         Donation to European Lawyers in Lesvos gGmbH

All donors who give over 200€ will be automatically provided with a donation receipt. All donors who give below 200€ will be provided with a donation receipt on request. If you require any further information or a donation receipt provided in a language other than English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Arabic, please contact us at

The European Lawyers in Lesvos gGmbH is a non-profit organisation and a registered charity. We are urgently seeking additional funds to enable more volunteer lawyers to come to Lesvos and to ensure our work continues. We also aim to expand to other “hotspots” in Greece, Italy and beyond.

We are not funded by the EU or the Greek Government. As our organisation is volunteer-based, our operational costs are low: it costs only 60€ to provide an asylum seeker with free tailored, one to one legal assistance from a practising, experienced European asylum lawyer.

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