Project Updates

Project update- 13 May 2017

We have so far welcomed 64 volunteers from 14 different countries (Greece, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Poland and the United Kingdom). All the project’s volunteer lawyers are practising and experienced asylum lawyers.

The team includes up to six volunteer asylum lawyers, a full-time, legally-trained project coordinator, a full-time Greek asylum lawyer as legal coordinator, a German trainee lawyer, full-time Arabic and Farsi interpreters and a Greek coordinator from the Mytilene Bar Association.

In total, we have provided assistance to over 1,170 individuals so far, over 850 of whom have received first instance interview advice from our volunteer lawyers. All consultations are provided in a container within Moria, to ensure privacy and confidentiality are preserved.

In total, our volunteers have contributed over 10,600 hours of voluntary work.

We have advised individuals from 49 different countries. Primarily, this has included Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Bangladeshis, Eritreans, Pakistanis and people from West Africa. However, we have also advised others, including Iranians, Yemenis, Ethiopians and North Africans.

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